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STP , 2 paradijslijke eilanden voor de kust van Kameroen
STP , 2 paradijslijke eilanden voor de kust van Kameroen

The Parliament of São Tomé e Príncipe adopted Law no. 3/2013 which describes the government's plans and projects. The implementation of many projects is likely to involve resources that are not available in São Tomé e Príncipe and could therefore create interesting business opportunities for enterprises that are established abroad.
The list below describes a number of sectors and projects that could be of interest to the international business community:
 distribution of improved plants and seeds
 improvement of local food production
 incentivize the establishment of agricultural cooperatives
 commercialization of local agricultural products
 irrigation systems
 framework for farmers' credit
 construction of modern fishing boats with improved capacity and range, in cooperation with local fishermen's associations
 improved conservation, transformation and distribution of fish products
 establishment of a specialized agency for the promotion of trade and investments
 creation of "free zones" for the development of tourism
 creation of enterprise incubators
 installation for the transforming biomass into biofuel
 transformation of local products (agricultural, fish) for local and export market
Roads infrastructure
 construction and renovation of roadworks
 construction of coastal defences
Airport infrastructure
 renovation, improvement and extension of landing strips of the airports in São Tomé and in Príncipe
 renovation and extension of airport terminals and traffic control towers
 implementation of air safety and air traffic control measures
 modernising the design of (traditional) wooden houses
 social housing
Maritime transport
 renovation of port infrastructure
 improvement of maritime safety
 extension of distribution network
 implementation of customer management programme
 guaranteed electricity supply in Príncipe
 construction of mini hydro-electric power units
 extension of distribution network, with improved sanitation
 construction of water reservoirs and tanks
 hydrologic and hydrographic study of the islands
 acquisition and distribution of basic medicines
 improvement of health centres and emergency units
 establishment of a tuberculosis laboratory in São Tomé city hospital
Please contact Pieter van Welzen if you would like to discuss these opportunities in more detail.
Pieter van Welzen honorary consul
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